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started drinking badly big time

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It should be better, in the long run, to deal with the feeling upset.

There are tools to do that. It may be that the feelings simply have to heal -- nature take its course. I know, from experience, that strong negative feelings are very difficult.

For now, I need to advise caution regarding the Jim Beam. be careful; and, take care of yourself.

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i dont know why i started drinking as bad as i was, but i stopped it, its only when i get upset i drink so i can sleep.

So what is it that upsets you? and how do you know when to get upset. No one can make you get upset, this happens when you allow a comment to make you think all the wrong things, then you get that feeling that you describe as upset. does that feeling live in your stomach !! what would happen if you changed the way you perceive comments from people, like, I have a choice weather I get upset, and the problem often lies with the person giving the comment, it is their problem, leave it with them. Try this, rerun a comment some one has made to you, but put sylvester the cats voice over it, run it loud and just like sylvester the cat, thukkering thukatash, you get it?

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