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Paranoia ?


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I've had a paranoia about being followed by people for years now. There's not a particular reason why I think i'm being followed, but I still do feel like that. It even gets so bad sometimes, that I actually will pull over my car because I think i'm being followed by the car behind me. Anyone else have a paranoia similair to this?

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I know this is a little late, but my sister has bipolar I and she describes severe paranoia like what you describe. I also experience similar feelings, just not as much. From what I've learned, paranoia is a normal symptom of bipolar.

Do you ever experience feelings of seclusion? I can sit in my apartment for 4 days and only go out to work out in the morning. The rest of my weekend can be spent without saying a word all day. I feel content with this, but it also makes me feel very alone sometimes too. I feel scared sometimes to go out. I don't know if it is paranoia, but I know that I get anxious thinking about going out or being with people most of the time.

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