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The funny side of AA.

John Rutledge

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Hi JR-

I have heard the "90 in 90" recommendation many times. When Allen was unsure of the number in his recent column, I wanted to tell him.

Anyway, at the risk of being the devil's advocate and pro AA, I would say that the "90 in 90" guideline serves the purpose of interrupting the addictive drinking pattern so that the alcoholic hopefully gets a break from the habit that has led him/her to "the rooms" in the first place.

I have many reservations about AA, but I do see the utility of giving the newly sober person a simple instruction that may help them take a step away from a destructive pattern.

Just my .02


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"If Workaholics Anonymous people do 90 meetings in 90 days, are they still being compulsive workaholics?

Shouldn't 180 meetings in 90 days fix the problem?"

Funny! That many meetings would cause a lot of stress in me and I might turn to alcohol! Then I'd have to turn around and do 90 meetings in 90 days in AA! :eek:

On top of that, drying out might cause me to go shopping and eventually file for bankruptcy, and have to join Shopaholics Anonymous!


I think I need a pill. :P

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Although 90 in 90 would be very difficult in practice, it's probably good for the attendee to know it's an option and it's encouraged to try for it. When a friend of mine joined GA recently they suggested the same thing. He wasn't able to make it all the time, but it was useful for him to know where he could find a meeting every day for those first few months, for whenever he needed it.

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It appears that there is something called the flying spaghetti monster. I do not know if that is true or not. But, for an HP, it gets the job done.

Seriously, I am a bad example. I have no HP. Sad to say, never will have one. I decided that I am on my own. I was the one who had to do whatever it was that had to be done. And, I was the one who had to figure it out. The ends were my call. The means were my call. It was my life.

Who else would call it??

It did work out, as I envisioned it would.

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