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I cheated


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Hi all,

I can't believe I would ever be typing the title above. I have always been a loyal and trustworthy partner. I have never cheated on anyone in my life. Ive been with my partner almost 4 years and my partner knows what happened. Things never got past second base (for lack of a better term). I have been forgiven and the situation has actually made the love between my partner and I stronger so far. However, I feel like a monster of sorts. I didnt know I had the capacity to hurt my partner like this.......and am trying to be strong.

Im sure Im not alone, but today I feel so lost.

Thanks for listening...Recycle

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Hi Pseudome, thanks for the reply...

Oh yes, I still have waves of guilt. But I know that it's not

good to hold onto it for long. I guess what I need more is

support than advice. Cheating is not something I had the intent

to do...totally snook up on me and Ive realized my weak spots

that contributed to my actions.

Im also feeling odd about this experience in that it didnt involve

sex. It was still cheating, but I feel as though I may as well have because

now im labeled a cheater....

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Maybe don't label what happened with a tag like "cheater?" Refer to it as the actual events that occured, whatever those may be. It sounds like you are tying the negative feelings to the negative label, when it seems you've actually worked through the actual situation and reconcilled with your partner and your partner has forgiven you. People make all sorts of mistakes all the time. If each mistake we made earned us a negative label, we'd all be full of them.

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That is very true, pseudo. I think life is also about learning. We all make mistakes, but what we take from it makes us who we are. You obviously feel very bad about it, so I doubt you would do it again. What exactly brought you to that point in the first place, and have you and your partner discussed it?

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