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Fainting while sleeping?


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Is it possible to faint while your sleeping?

Two days ago I was numb in my arms/hands/ fingers when I did lay down to sleep, laying on my side it somehow was worse, but I could feel the numbness laying on my back too. This made me sleepless and anxious as I also had sharp chest/back pains. The pain was on my left side of my back going through my chest. I can add I have had back problems before that lead to dizziness when I did lay down, I went to heart specialist as I was scared to death to die lie my mother did, of aneurysm. My heart and blood flow was fine. The problem disappeared after treatment at the chiropractor. I was so happy it was my back. I think it is my back this time too, but I got scared as I am sure I did faint during sleep. I got to sleep after two hours being numb that night and not long after I am very sure I found myself fainting in my sleep as I remember my head was spinning around when I waked up and I woke up with a heavy head, headache. I could feel I was fainting also before I woke up, which lead me to wake up.

Not that its important, but my grandmother who has passed was in that dream and while I was fainting.

I believe it was my back problems that caused the fainting, I believe I was not getting enough blood to my brain because I was numb before sleeping.

Can people faint during sleep? and is it dangerous. I was scared.

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