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is there a somewhere on here for carers


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Hi Maddiemo & WELCOME

I used to be employed as a Carer, up untill 20 months ago, here in the U.K.

I used to work in the Community with the Elderly. Also, I'm qualified in Mental Health, Learning Dissabillities, etc. I worked in the Community with the elderly for eight years, gaining the sufficient qualifications to enable me to do what the role entailed.

As mentioned previously, also various aspects regarding mental health, inc Skhisophrenia. By all means though, I am not a Doctor! But know a great deal about the illness.

There is no specific place dedicated just for carer's. I assume that anyone with a background in caring though, would try and support/advise with whatever they can, like myself.

I must state though, if it is anything legal, or to do with Social Services, then your best bet would be to get intouch with them direct. As there is different rules for different countries, and unless anyone is qualified to give that advice, I surely arn't, it would be missleading to you?

Please feel free to ask though?

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