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So last night I took my pill for the first time ever. It was a 150mg cut in half. I wound down to a halt. It was kind of nice to pass out for the night. I awoke groggy cause I forced myself to stay awake cause I was talking on the phone.

While I was laying in bed on the phone, everytime I closed my eyes and at some point even when they were open, I saw gore, blood and madness. Grey people crawling in blood holding knives nappy dirty bloody hair. Then the 'bad man's ' face was all the sudden there! I haven't seen these things eyes open or shut since I was just 17. Um this may be an issue.

My day went well today. I got stuff done and held it together almost stress free. Ya gotta understand I'm very sentive to any/all drugs they take effect on me almost instantly. So don't just throw that out cause I'm only starting with 75mgs.

Anyone else on this drug? What in the heck does it do to/for you?

Edit: its been years since I've seems this kind of thing. Its this bad? I went ahead and took my pill again tonight.

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