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apairantly, i have been told that my ex was thinking about asking me out tomorrow, and i have no idea what to say, my heart says to me to say yes, whereas my brain is saying no. and i love her and everything, and she has been trying to get me to hang out with her more and more.... i want to get back with her, but, i dont want to get hurt again, if i do say yes, im gonna tell her, no treating me like crap.... any advice please.

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Trust is a hard thing to earn back. When you are hurt so bad the trust is gone. It depends on how she hurt you, and badly she feels about it. My girlfriend betrayed my trust, she cheated on me and left me for three weeks to be with the guy she cheated on me with. I was still madly in love with her. I couldn't stop thinking about her, I kept trying to separate myself but It became too painful.

When she moved to where I live now, we started talking again and we hit it off. We are now together, and trying to deal with our issues, but I have become even more mistrusting of her. I feel she is cheating on me all the time.

The thing is that in any relationship when trust is broken it can rarely, if ever be renewed. It takes a lot of work, and unfortunately, people don't really change. It's a sad fact of relationships, but in veritably true. Though I am happy with my girlfriend, it also stresses upon me when I am with her. Because I know how much she can hurt me.

Ask yourself one question... Are you read to take the chance that she may change for you? Are you ready to be hurt? Are you ready to be happy? What hurts the least? You'll figure it out, one way or the other.

- Anonymous.

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You just have to decide what you are willing to put up with. I put up with a lot in my marriage... because I choose to and he puts up with a lot from me.... I have been married 20 yrs... there have been some BAD times.... he cheats on occasion... I am an alcoholic and Bipolar... BUT>>> when the going gets tough we have each other.... Love, life and realationships take a lot of work.....

Give her a chance... by checking up on her etc.. you will drive her away.. However do not be stupid... keep your eyes open... If she betrays you again and it hurts too much to deal with ... then tell her GOODBYE!!!!

There are other females out there....


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wasup, from what you have shared in your posts I am still of the opinion that you should maintain distance from your ex. This time, you did not get hurt, nor were there formal charges of physical abuse placed against you. But, you may not be as fortunate the next time around. What if more friends and family chose to believe your ex-fiance's story rather than yours? It is time to ask yourself whether your ex-fiance is worth a subsequent round of abuse claims. Of course, no one knows for certain whether she would make these claims once more, but she has proven herself capable of doing so; and, frankly, I agree with Gabby because there are many other women who will date you, and not spread false claims of abuse against you amongst friends and family. Even if you still love your ex-fiance, I do not think it was fair of her to put friends and family through the stress of questioning the truth of those claims.

These are my thoughts anyway.

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i turned around and told her, to either tell the truth, or to get the F*** out of my life. she choose to lie about it more and more, my friend pretended i was going to hers for an all nighter, lmao. she got cut. and now, im actually going out with my friend, lol... funny that huh

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Guest ASchwartz


I noticed that you switched forums and, here, are not mentioning whether or not you are eating? It makes me wonder what is going on with you and if you are trying to evade dealing with your food issues?


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