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Ok my phone is crap so my husband and I talk via email mostly we are a least in the short term seperated.

So I sent him a rather long email explaining how that I was rather depressed and I was just talking about lots of things. One thing I touched on was my fear of certain things and my depression. He told me to get over it many others have it worse. I know that is true but I still have these things and trying to deal with them and i needed him to try to understand. I told him so as my responce but he ignored me.

I also told him something that was very hard and I've not ever told anyone.... that in the 2nd grade I was molested. He just ignored me no responce no nothing. I don't know if I did something wrong by telling him or if I am wrong to expect a responce of some kind? I know he got the email because he responded about another little issue of a broken fridge.

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Actually I ended it. He lied one to many times and hurt me one too many.

I don't know how to forgive him it feels like he ripped out my heart and danced on it. It makes me sick. He continues to threaten me but trys to put the blame on me. How can someone you have been with 9 year do this? He was suppose to be someone I could feel safe with and trust. He was suppose to be my partner and treat me as equal. I took his abuse for years because I loved him. Why does everyone I meet betray me. I mustt of done aomething very wrong to someone to deserve this. I just want someone that is kind why xant I have that?

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