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Well I suppose I should just say I posted this here because of the wide range and I'm not so sure where things go yet, sorry if its a problem. Right where to start, well I have some mental health issues and right now I'm seeing a psychologist about helping me with PTSD, I have a partner who normally listens and helps out because I also can't be left alone because of anxiety and i can be a danger to myself. Here's where my problems start, recently i've watch this thing about D.I.D. and I got really interested in what it was etc. Well after finding stuff out I got a little worried because (I'm pretty sure now it's not that) I have two imaginary friends (best way to describe them) and I know them really well, there is Nathan, who was meant to be my twin but he died before I was born, and Kreep who is sort of a bossy person who help me organize stuff and things like that. I just talk to them really like in my head and sometimes i'll speak out loud if im alone but not all the time. Well I don't know if this is something a 22 year old should do still and I can't talk to my psephologist or my partner because its embarrassing. Does anybody else still have imaginary friends, and should i be worried it could be something other than just that or not?

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Stevie,

Nice to meet you.

You have a psychologist so, I'm wondering if you have told him about your "friends." You really should even if you are embarassed. Also, have you asked your therapist about D.I.D.? I want to caution you about doing a self diagnosis. It's really a mistake to try to apply what you read to yourself. It's kind of like the medical student syndrome where, when you study all of those diseases you think they apply to you. As it's said for lawyers: "Any lawyer who represents himself in court has a fool for a client." That means you should never try to be your own expert. So, you need to ask your therapist about these things.

How did you get your PTSD or what happened to you?

You said that Nathan was meant to be your twin but died before you were born. It could very well be that this is your way of mourning his loss. After all, Nathan is not just anyone but the twin brother you were supposed to have and that must be very sad for you. I imagine that you must often wish he could be around. In a way, your imaginary friend Nathan is your re creation of your twin brother. A very real and imaginary friend at the same time. Having lost a twin brother is hard enough but to have lost him at birth must be very painful because of what might have been.

Do you know how or why your twin died?

I wonder if you experience "survivor guilt," as in, why him and not me? Anyway, have your parents helped you with this and do you have other siblings.

I really am curious about what caused your PTSD?


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Hey Allen,

Well I haven't told my psychologist about them yet, I think she will try to avoid it because I'm there for the PTSD. I haven't asked her anything about DID and, like I said, I don't think i have it, just have some familiar symptoms is all.

I don't really know much about Nathan(real twin brother) at all really. My mother told me about it when I turned 16 and asked me not to mention it again, all that I know is his name was Nathan, he was my twin, and he died before I was born. I agree that he is my twin brother, I started to hear him around the time I was 16 so I think that's what brought him on. Kreep has been here for longer, I can't really remember when he came onto the scene or where his name comes from so he's a mystery to me. My family don't really like to talk about Nathan at all so we don't and when it comes to help, I don't really have any contact anymore (other than my mother who lives with 3 siblings) to most of them.

Well my PTSD was originally from being abused as a child ( up to 11 but i'm not so sure when it started now) physically, emotionally and sexually by one of my brothers mainly and some of his friends. I hope I don't sound rude but I don't really like talking about it openly so thats all i'll say for now

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