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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Forgeting,

How are you feeling? Is there any improvement? Please post, even if you feel like you don't want to. It's important because you have lots of support here. Can you tell us why you have been feeling so bad lately? What is going on??


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Hi forgeting,

I am glad you posted back. It would be good to know why we can be fine and then not be so fine at all. I guess this is what being human is about. Constant state of emotional change. Only for some people change is more often and on a different level than others. Emotional regulation is hard when one feels so confused and irritable.

forgeting are you under more pressure from somewhere like work?


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I had changed my mind to post because I felt stupid stating things I feel because there is so much and things swich around it is defintly not a consistante state.

Please don't feel stupid for having feelings! Feelings are neither right nor wrong! They just are. And because your feelings are switching around and are inconsistent is a perfect reason to express yourself here. I can certainly relate to how you are feeling. Did something happen? Or is this just symptoms of the mood disorder you are experiencing? Or both? Perhaps yes, a pill can help. When will you see your doctor again?

Keep talking and don't be shy!! We, here, are not judging you! xxx

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