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wish i was dead


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My husband will be moving in. He told the animal control I abandoned the dogs and the police I stole them. I didn't do either. He is still telling people I'm crazy I hate the animals because I hate him and I have aspergers. He said if I didn't let him move in he would take the dogs away and not pay rent here. He also wont let me take my dog to the vet unless he moves down.

I agreed to do what he wanted so he wont hurt them. If I do what he wants and don't bring up things he doesn't want to talk about I can stay if not he will kick me out and keep the animals. I just got to keep my head low and not say anything. See how long it takes beforr I slit my wrists. He says its my fault and my behavior is the cause. If I even cry he threatens me.

I'm in prison with no hope of escape.

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