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Emotional Release

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I'm not familiar with a technique called "emotional release", although generically, there are a variety of ways to help people vent, or have a "catharsis", which is a moment of intense emotion that has previously been blocked.

This sort of thing can be helpful, but it can also be a booby prize (e.g., you get to feel the emotion easily again, but you still don't know what to do with it :confused:). And for some people, it isn't a good idea for them to be encouraged to pry the lid off their uncomfortable emotions and "release them". I don't know at all what might be best for you, but I would encourage you to take an active role in deciding whether you want to do this or not, and whether it feels safe. Have a frank discussion with your therapist about what he intends to ask you to do (what the nature of the exercise is) and make sure you are comfortable with it. And make sure that you and he (?) both know that if you find yourself getting too uncomfortable that you can stop doing it.

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Hi Thanks for your response Mark. I forgot to mention "expressive therapy." He is a RPT-S. He used to work strictly with children while still furthering his degree/education, but still is a RPT-S. We actually did some of that when he had me place chairs in relation to the interactions of the people in my family origin, and it worked for me very well. Nothing was forced, I felt no pressure, I was moving, there was the visual outside of me to see that lead to talk and expression. I really liked it because it removed some of the intensity surrounding it where I didn't feel so out of control and unsafe with the emotions. There is an "emotional release therapy" I have read about somewhere??? But I think he was just referring to working on some "emotional release" but in the above I described. Luckily-I have a therapist who might say based on what he knows for ex. "Write down on this paper "I am angry at you" but if I don't feel that I say it, and say what I feel, and he says "Well write (whatever I said I felt), and sometimes we place/put away in his "worry box" and I can always take it out later or another time. The "worry box" is used close to the end of the session if needed, so I don't have to "carry it with me," which is showing me I can do that in my outside life as well on those days I can't seem to get control over an upsetting memory/person ect., I really like locking an abuser away!

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