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Please read: a sort of apology


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To every one who visits this topic. I realize I sometimes post without seeming smypathetic to this struggle (which I am a part of).

I was at work today (finally got a good job!) and I realized something that I may take for granted too often regarding everyones plight with sps.I realized that my situation is probably different (I married a virgin and a truely good women who's beautiful and has a strong faith).

What doesn't change though is the fact that I had many successfull relationships with attractive women all my life. What I may have over looked is what if I had married someone other than my wife.

The last relationship I had was intense. My girlfriend had had many sex partners and was also curious about women. She was very sexual. We were young and in crazy love but we all know that cools off eventually. Her parents had infidelity issues and maybe after a few more years she wouldn't be satifisfied with me.

I'm not saying she wouldn't, I'm just saying I don't know it all. I fully trust my wife in a way I never trusted that girlfriend (on a deep level that I can't even explain I always knew she wasn't right for me).

I'm not really making much sense, I just wanted to let you guys know I do sympathize. I do know there are trustworthy, loyal women out there but I understant there is also the opposite of that to a great extent. I don't apologize for my belief that this is something that can bee overcome--I believe that 100%. Just wanted to say I know I got a good break (although I'd have never gotten it if I'd given up.

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Sometimes I feel it's worthless trying to post positive information on this board because people will always look at the negatives but I'll try. I'm not hating here btw as I was in the same position myself until this girl came along. I'm currently in a relationship with an attractive girl who has had several sexual partners before me. She is head over heels for me and tells me so. Her actions back up her words too as it's alway her who travels to see me rather than vice versa. I treat her the odd time but nothing too excessive. It is possible to have a good relationship without being a cuckold or having to be extra nice for fear of losing her.

We have sex everytime I see her unless it's that of the month when she'll still make sure I orgasm. I still have some confidence issues with sex but they get better each time. I was scared to let he see my penis unless I was drunk when I first met her. Now I can happily stand naked with her. I would like to have the confidence to take the initiative a bit more and let her know I want sex now sometimes but that will come.

Hopefully my post will help some people. I never thought a woman could ever fall for me with my penis size.

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Fed up,

That's awesome man, good for you. I still don't like to be totally standing naked infront of my wife even after five years, but I force myself to so I don't seem like a wierdo. I just try to act normal. It takes along time to get rid of long standing insecurities but I believe it is possible. Congrats.

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