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A Poem-sorry for the language


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I'm screaming and yelling. Can anyone hear me or do you care to listen? I'm falling in a pit watching the world's light fade from my dark. If I leave would you follow? Haha...then a hard swallow.

Anger, Aggression, mindless absenteeism. It's all a lie, their all a lie, anxiously awaiting the spontaneous goodbye.

Up, Up, there I go. Don't you wish you would of said Hello?

Oops, to late, now I'm gone. Haha, now 'Your' turn to swallow. Since you chose not to follow.

I apologize for my blatant disguise for hiding the hate that I have for your lack of genuinality. If that's even a word, from what I heard...You lack It!!!

Slap you down you spineless bitch. There's more spine in a pile of shit. At least it warns you of exactly what it is. No surprises, No disguises and No compromises.

The enemy is everywhere all around you...prettending to care. Give 'em time, they'll show their sign. So chalk it up to just one more time.

Running out of room, for all my notches. From all the people that have Knocked me down, Kicked me down, Shoved me down and Pushed me around. All I can feel is the grit on my face, the dirt in my teeth, all around, here where I lay...face to the ground.

There's no limits to the boundaries, of who can hurt you or who can not. The closer they are, from what I was taught, are the ones to do it first, without even a thought.

I just Want to be noticed. I just Want to matter. Tired of feeling uncomfortable and watching everyone s c a t t e r...

To know me at all is to know.....I'll never speak my mind out loud. I keep it locked up in my poetry shroud. Unhealthy, probally...(nervous laugh) Hahaaa. But, I'm not the only one. Now I know. Thankful I am, but now I must go...it's time for my next show.

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I like your poem very much, here is my response to it

But it will always be

no one is ever noticed

No one will ever see

while every one stays silenced

While all are guilty

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