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Am I STILL Psychotic

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I'm definately hyper vigilant. Had a problem with one of the few troublemaking residents here at the Complex on 08/20/11. The guy passed by in truck glaring at as if he was trying to catch me doing wrong. I asked him what he was looking at and he procceeded to get out of his truck and threaten me with physical violence. While that was going on I glanced over at his butt buddies and noticed they were standing up watching. Afterwards I pulled my folded pocket knife and took a defensive posture waiting for them to attack. He started calling me every name in the Rainbow Dictionary trying to provoke me into attacking. I figured that would be a great opportunity to practice some restraint. When he realized it wasn't working he drove off. His wife called the Law and to my amazement they sided with me.

With my adrenaline still in overdrive I took a trip to Wal-Mart and walked around the store for about a hour to try to relax and clear me head. Afterwards I came home wrote everything down exactly how it happened. I sat on the bench Monday morning and spoke to the Regional Manager.

I used the DBT skills I learned from Miss Robin from when I was getting services at the NEC. I so badly wanted to tear into the guy but since he wasn't in my personal space I wouldn't have fealt it was justified.

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Used to treat mood disorders like BPD. Works well for Self-Harmers, Sexual Abuse Survivors, and those that are addicted to certain chemicals.

I'm no longer with the NEC. Many staff members including Miss Robin packed up and left because I was booted as they didn't think I was treated right. A lot of clients have either left for the same reason or were forced out.

You'll have to read my thread in the New Members Forum "Big Issues At Little NEC" to know why.

2 is the number of times he took his eyes off me. I could have sent him to the next life before he even knew what happened both of those times. When two squad cars showed up he ran and hid in his Apartment. I knew Law Enforcement would be coming around so I sat outside and waited for them.

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Negligence. I was extremely depressed and was feeling very suicidal. I showed up requesting to be admitted for a few days and they REFUSED. They told me to go home knowing full well that I wasn't emotionally stable. That's NEGLIGENCE and there' no way around it because they failed to act responsibly. They already screwed up before when a client actually committed suicide after being alerted to the issue. I'm sorry but when a "professional" screws up like that they don't get a second chance.

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Yep, I get services now at the Bowen Center. Everything is going great with my therapist Miss Pinky Pants. She got that name for wearing pink capri jeans on her first day there.

On a side note, two former NEC clients were also at the Bowen Center yesterday when I was waiting to see my therapist. I asked them what they did to get kicked out. Everybody that heard me almost died laughing.

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