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kicking a brother out of home


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Well Ive been thinking a lot of these. I have a 24 old brother and hes been unemployed for 7 months now and he dosent even look for jobs, I have already offered him 2 jobs that I knew about with some friends but he dosent whant to work, he dosent help with my sick mother (squizofrenia and bipolar) he dosent clean hes room or anything at all, its very discusting.

He just plays computer games all day, Ive tryed to help him offered him to go to a psychologist but nothing. He always says hes going to leave and for the last days Ive been telling him to please leave, Im tired of paying even for the food he eats, I dont pay hes phone bills anymore or anything but he just dosent care.

I look at him and I feel anger i just whant to put my hands on him, already tryed but its only worst. Hes my brother I love him hes my friend Im 3 years older, but know he has changed and it seems i cant help him at all, hes on the middle and I already take care of my mother I cant take care of him to.

I know he dosent have anywhere to go, but lately i dont care, insted of been a part of the solution hes part of the problem.

Im sure i wont kick him out, I hope someday he will wake up and help me.

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Just give him a Wal-Mart Special Tent and kick him out. If you live someplace warm year round he can live off the land.

Shelter: Tent

Food: Frogs, Turltes, Fish, Snakes, Small Mammals, Birds, Crabs, insects, and some plants.

Fire: There's no shortage of wood.

Water: There's no shortage of rivers, lakes, ponds, and puddles.

Bathing: He can wash himself in the above choices.

It's not like he's in any danger if you kick him out.

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