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5 months in update


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Where do I even start? My life is completely different than what it used to be only 5 months after I decided at the core of my being to change, knowing that I would endure anything and everything to accomplish and experience what I wanted in life.

Since my last update I've gotten my driver's license, made a personal bank account, been on two dates (different girls, one date good the other OK), I've become very close/intimate friends with another girl (including cuddling), I've tried alcohol for the first time, I've been to a bar, I've had dinner out with a girl, I've held a girl's hand, I've gone out to various public outings, been to a great party, met over a dozen new people, got a smartphone, been grocery shopping by myself, I've driven for 3 hour stints by myself in heavy city traffic... All of these things are completely new to me and I'm far happier than I was in the past.

On top of all of this I've lost over 80 pounds and continue to exercise nearly every day and eat right virtually all the time. Over 10 inches around my waist have been lost. Supermarket cashiers look at me differently, children react to me differently (random kids giving me thumbs up and high fives, what?). I've learned so much about so many different things. And finally I continue to write.

I'm probably even forgetting some other changes in my life, but I am very proud of myself for coming so far in only 5 months. I'm not afraid of the future anymore, let alone dreading it. I'm still not utterly convinced that all of my dreams will come true, and I expect years of work on some of them, but so many obstacles are already behind me. As I posted in my first post on this forum, I didn't even expect to land a date for 5 years, let alone less than 5 months.

I feel like I've already overcome. I feel like I've already caught up with 'average' people. Now I just have to keep working, I won't ever be satisfied stopping.

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