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I came to this site expecting help... For the most part I have received help, the people here have been very accepting and helpful for the most part. And I am well on my way to recovery. However because of the nature of what I need help with I have been confronted with a lot of static. I came here to be helped, but it seems that half the time people will put their own moral viewpoints in front of the duty to help. Saying that by attacking me, they are "doing what is right." Instead they are alienating me and possibly blocking the road to a recovery. I understand that it is hard to accept a person like me. Not only because of my particular problem, but because I can be very pompous and egotistical. I speak and a write in a manner that seems superior. And when I am attacked I will almost always defend myself in the manner in which I was attacked. Is it right? No. But it is my particular style.

What I am trying to say is that people come here for help, and I have not nor do I plan on alienating the people who ask for it. And in that I expect to be treated with the same Courtesy. The Christians call it the golden rule, the Buddhists call it Karma. I just did not come here to be judged, I came here to be helped.

As I said before for the most part this site has been helpful. But I don't enjoy being judged. And don't deserve it.

- Anonymous

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.. lest ye be judged (or something like that).

You have contributed to the discusions and given your reasoned agruments as to why you have certain believes and so on. Please don't allow other people's opinions to discourage you. I think you were able to take something from the discussions you have had, and i'm sure you have also been able to give back.

I do not judge you, we can all only be human. :)

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You are going the right way for help and support arn't you? The way you ridicule people!

You have got to understand that it doesn't work like that? It's what you call "giving, as well as taking!" Not taking all the time like you are!

You came on this site asking for opinions. I gave my opinion and you didn't like it? Thats when you came out with all your covering fancy words! They alway's say that the truth hurts and by god has it hurt?

What do you expect? You come on here stateing that you have fantasies concerning children, do you think that we are going to sit back and let you describe these fantasies with children. Well I don't think so! Any parent will back me up as well, whether you like it or not? If you can't take it then you shouldn't give it!

I suggest you back off while you've got the chance! BIG BOY!

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Pseudonym, from what I gather from your post here, I am glad to know you have received some of the support you were looking for. Pedophilia is a serious subject that has raised some strong emotions and very difficult memories, and I commend all involved in the discussion for their candour and participation.

As a timely reminder, this community is built upon mutual respect and cooperation. So, I ask everyone involved to please refrain from devaluing the feelings of others, and to give the thoughts of each member some credence.

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The truth can hurt. I hide behind my dialogue a lot to protect myself. But since getting help, I have begun to understand and accept my problems. But this has no longer become about that. I have never described my fantasies for several reasons, not the least of which is because it would offend those who lived through, and that was not my goal. My goal was to get help. Am I particularly easy to help? I have a trail of broken Psychologists that could attest that I'm not. I'm good the are of spin, and I can make many bad things seem not so bad. I take advantage of that when I feel particularly vulnerable, as I do when I speak about my problems.

I have been called many things in my life. Not all of them are particularly nice. I have been called a nerd, a heathen, a kike, and an asshole. I have taken all of these because in each one there is an ounce of truth. But why I have brought this problem to this part of the forum is because this time you truly crossed the line. In the place I came for help I was accused of being evil and called "Satan." As well as said to only take, and contribute nothing. However I have contributed, and I have asked for little else than help in a difficult subject.

In this, have I been particularly kind? No. I have not. I have said some things that are out of color. They weren't particularly kind and thoughtful. However they were not completely uncalled for. When a person bears their soul it is discourteous to attack them, especially when they are asking for help. I have been hurt by this in the place in which I considered would help. And just hope that my contribution isn't compromised because of this transgression. That would be unfortunate, because I feel that I can be of great service to some people here. But I do know that it has compromised my ability to ask for help. It seems the few times I do I get caught into things like this, and I do not want that here. If you want a debate, I would sure give one. But not here, not in a place of helping and healing. That is not the point.

- Anonymous.

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I would like to receive some help here, but I don't expect much. There is too much suffering here, and everywhere. And people don't have the time or just the strength to help. And many people who post here seem to have even worse problems then me. Reading some posts seem sometimes like opening a grave, is full of horror, fear and suffering. I have been in therapy almost one third of my life, and I feel so tired.

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