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This atmosphere of kindness which we had created by accident due to the fact that we the support staff were just being nice to people and making life a little easier for people in pain 24/7/365 a year. Now this would have been just being nice and that would have been great for everybody concerned, except we started to notice some interesting results of this -Atmosphere of Kindness-. When I first started at this mental health rehabilitation facility in northern New Jersey we had multiple physical confrontations every day. Clients going into Psychois etc. and attempted suicides etc. and a host of problems that occur because of mental illness. As time went on we noticed these type of problems became less and less until they almost stopped completely. We did not realize what was happening until a bunch of us support staff sat down and started to talk about the clients and realized something was happening that was a suprise to everybody. Only later did I start to put together what was happening and realized that a miracle of mental and physical and disease etc. was happening because of the -Atmosphere of Kindness- we had created...

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I believe you are referring to your 98% thread. What I took from that was that you were asked to be careful about using false or misleading information. I can't even find the word hope in any of the posts to you. I may have missed it. You can correct me if I did.

What comes to my mind when I read your posts is that it seems to me you think that kindness and the therapy that occurs with a professional are mutually exclusive. Is it not possible that they can work together to help someone get better and lead a full and happy life? Is it not possible that people who work as professionals in the mental health field have the capacity to be kind?

I work in a psychiatric hospital and find everyone from the support staff all the way on up to the psychiatrists to be very kind and caring people. In fact, one of the psychiatrists came into our staffing this morning absolutely beaming because of a breakthrough one of his patients had. He was like a proud papa!!! It was very sweet. Another example....today was halloween. Many of us brought costumes so the children and adolescents could dress up. (we dressed up too :P ) Everyone who worked there brought candy and the kids went trick or treating from office to office. They were so happy and had such fun. Again...this is a professional staff who I think demonstrated great kindness.

When you say that with time the problems became less and less. I think it probably has a lot to do with the kindness shown to them AND the therapy they receive.

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