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Split up from girlfriend


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Feeling a bit down about it at the moment and thought I'd post my thoughts somewhere. I think it was very much a case of the Meatloaf song "Two out of three aint bad" as I needed her, wanted her but wasn't sure if I loved her. That is where we came unstuck as she needed a lot of loving attention and I was only able to produce it sparingly. Still it's the first time I've ever had regular sex and as it turns out I have premature ejactulation when sober. When combined with a small penis does not look good.

I don't think I love her but I'm not totally certain. I know I was in tears earlier about the split up and I only really cry at the death of loved ones in the past. Do I love her but just don't know it? Or am I just scared that I won't find anyone else to accept me? It took 26 years for my first relationship, who knows when the next will come?

Sorry that I'm not asking anything too specific but a bit confused right now. I'm not sure if I should be doing everything I can to hold on to this girl or if I should let her go. I'm pretty certain can win her back with a big show of romance.

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Well, you have to ask your self if you miss the sex or just her? It's a hard question to ask considering a big part of a relationship to males is the sex. For me it's what makes me feel close to them. Most guys have PE just fyi. Most of its mental too.

When i split up from my first gf of 3 years i was destroyed. We were super comfortable and she made me feel amazing about myself and my penis. Best of all we had sex 2-3 times a day and had our special nights where we'd try new things. I was afraid I'd never be able to find anyone else that would see me like she did.

But the truth is, if you put yourself out there the next one will come sooner than you know it.

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