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My Therapist keeps telling me to put myself "out there" to develope friendships. She repeats this all the time. A friendship requires more than one person doing the work. I'm doing enough work by putting myself out there. People will have to meet me halfway.

My Therapist seems to think that it's perfectly fine to abruptly end friendships. She also thinks it perfectly fine for someone to be friends with me only when they feel like it. That's screwing with a person's feelings. That's about as low as you can get. Just step above being a worthless pedophile.

Maybe it's the norm not to be nice. Maybe society thinks there's something wrong with me so they stay away. All I see is a lot of people turning on each other. Maybe I should turn on people. Maybe then I'll "fit in" with the rest of society. Maybe then I'll be "normal".

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I have struggled with this whole thing of good friendships as well. I have found out just who are my friends and who are not..and you are right, it something that should be a 2 way thing going on.

I have a lot going on as far as stress in my life..the last thing I need is someone who calls themselves my friend but only adds to toxicty and negativity in my life. I have found I must set boundries to protect myself from such people. Some I have said fairwell and good luck to you and I miss them dearly, but clearly our paths were not the same. But what I have discovered is that for one friendship lost, I have gained 2 more that are truly there no matter what, and accept me for who I am.

A friend is someone who offers their hand in need, does not judge or demand your attention..but shares in your life..thats what it means to me. For me it began to look within myself first and to accept me for me and once I started on that, the rest fell into place.

don't give up..these are tough times and there are a lot of people out there striking out at each other. But at the sametime there are those who want to band together even more so because of these hard times. I have found in the ugliness of this world there is still beauty, you just have to take a quiet moment, breath and take a look.. sounds simple i know, but that is my current goal, to simplfy my life and to not complicate it so.

I wish you the best.

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