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I thought it would be appropriate to start with an introduction and share my story.

So im in my early twenties and am a virgin still. I feel that my penis related anxiety is creating a big barrier for me getting laid or starting a relationship. Not to be vain but I am a rather good looking guy (never thought so at first but heard from enough girls to believe) and am not neccessarily socially awkward. I go to clubs and socialise and might appear socially comfortable from the outside or might not.

I do have generalized anxiety and it results in me being quiet or withdrawn at times. On the women part, my flaw is i just dont even try and sometimes do nothing when a woman shows me a sign. I am nervous when it comes to approaching women.

Anyways, back to the penis. I dont think that i am one of those guys who perceive there penis to be small when it isnt. However, i believe that i put too much importance and subequent anxiety around my size. I consider myself smaller than average but not on the extreme side (when erect). I am more insecure around my flaccid state, as Jonny tends to hide and not hang. My erect length is between 13 and 14 cm, depending on measurement method and weather but 13 is more accurate, which is 5.something inches. girth id say is smaller than average but not by alot.

So my anxiety around my penis makes me anxious and sometimes depressed and hopeless. My logical mind tells me im being silly sometimes, but humans do not always follow their logic, and emotions take over. I am often anxious around the idea of being naked around a women or even guys or people in general. I often use the toilets to piss instead of the urinal and sometimes (not always) cant piss in front of other guys at the urinal.

I would like to be able to one day walk around naked at the gym without giving a rats ass or peeing at a urinal with no worries. I would like to be comfortable with my member, comfortable to engage in sex and to be able to skinny dip, for example.

Bascially, my anxiety over my member is holding me back. Now i have a win-win logical situation or plan of action in my head which makes sense but i can never follow it or live by it. Logically, I know my size is my size and I have to deal with that, accept it. Then het on with life, have relationships and sex. I present myself two scenarios. One is that I have a small penis, hide from life, dwell in my anxieties and have no sex and die lonely.Or two, I accept my penis, have a small penis but have relationships and sex with women, conquer my anxieties and be happier. Seems simple right? In reality its not so simple and im still insecure and anxious about my member.

I only once had my penis exposed to a girlfriend and nothing bad happened or arised out of it. However, that was five years ago, didnt have sex, was a blow and hand job.

sorry for the length and replies are welcome

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oh one more thing. I found it difficult to ind support on the web for various reasons. The obvious commercial aspect of people trying to sell stuff, and then the ridiculous arguing some people get up to that goes round and round and is very unconstructive, and the lack of reliable information.

My main irritation is when I read up about penis issues and discover threads, i often find peoples comments do not help or make any sense, probably because of the intiial reasons of beign on the site.

If you have a large penis, there is no need to post hateful messages to others on these sites because 1. it shows you have no life. 2. you have a large member and dont have a need to be on the site.3 you post these messages because u suffer from your own insecurities.

Then you have people with perceived small penises or actual ones who come on to these sites to either vent the anger and say all such men are doomed, or they hate on women. If you do this, then I think you also do not need to be on such a site because u will not benefit from anything and will just bring others down.

You can not discuss anything with so much of these kinds of people posting unnecessary arguments.

I hope i dont find too much of this here.

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