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Eating disorders and alcoholism


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I am new to the forum and have been struggling with bulimia/compulsive/binge eating for almost ten years now. I have tried all kinds of therapy and can't seem to kick it. I am tired and ready to be rid of these controlling thoughts. Over the past year I have began binge drinking to the point of blacking out. Alot. This is causing me to feel ashamed and depressed and in turn I resort to either bingeing or falling into a b/p cycle to cope with the feelings of shame and guilt of drinking. I am miserable. I really want to be able to eat/drink normally. Any one else struggle with this combination???

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi winks13,

Welcome to our community.

Well, I have worked with people who struggled with the same problem. Try to be patient with yourself because it is very frustrating.

What types of therapy did you have in the past?

What other types of problems do you cope with? Usuall, there are certain "cues" that set off a binge and purge. What are your cues?

Do you have other ways to cope with your frustrations than binging and purging?

What can others share about this?


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I have been working with a therapist for about 8 yrs on and off. She specializes in eating disorders. I have also spent time in an inpatient program years ago and tried different meds. Currently, I take wellbutrin and it helps with the depression a little. Usually I fall into a b/p cycle after a night of heavy drinking or sometimes when I am feeling bored, alone or anxious. I have lately been dealing with relationship issues and a lot of transition in my job. I think all these things can cause me to act on my symptoms. I have not treated any kind of substance abuse issues separately. I think that coping by bingeing and purging is more of a habit now and I don't feel like I have control over it sometimes...lately I've been really trying to distract myself with exercise, walks, friends, getting out of the house, etc.

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