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An idle fancy: When does preference become obsession?


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So this isn't an especially 'important' thread. It's not profound. I don't know what it is. I was just sitting here, I had a perfectly fine day. Nothing really special, had a meal with friends. Things are pretty good, I can't really complain. There's nothing really major to speak of that's new about me. Just sitting here at my computer thinking.

I thought about a lot of things but one thing has come to mind. I wouldn't say it's bothering me, but I do wonder if it could cause me problems in the future.

I'm obsessed with Asian women, and I don't really know why. In my mind I think it's a purely physical attraction, but I'm not sure. My two closest female friends are both Asian. But I know I sought them out because they were Asian in the first place. On dating sites I actually have a pretty high percentage of replies from Asian girls, something like 50%+ as opposed to 10% for other races. Recently I asked some female internet acquaintances if they thought I was attractive, and the Asian girl (the one I'm most attracted to myself) gave me the most praise. Currently I'm talking to a few different Asian girls, got one of their numbers and I've been texting. Haven't met any of the dating site Asians yet. Anyways, maybe those responses themselves are somehow culturally defined, but even before any of this I was attracted to Asians.

Maybe it started with my love of video games. I taught myself a significant amount of Japanese. I used to collect anime. The only racially separated folder in my pornography is Asian girls of course.

I'd be fine to wallow in these feelings and hopes of marrying an Asian woman and having half-Asian kids if it weren't pretty nearly irrational. I can be attracted to women of other races, but I feel at some level that I wouldn't be satisfied with anything but an Asian. I'm currently becoming closer to some non-Asians, but I am simply the most interested in the Asians.

It might not be a problem if I lived in China or Japan, but there isn't an exceptionally high percentage of Asians around here. Lately I've noticed in public I am noticing the Asian women more than before, it almost seems like they're highlighted and my attention drawn to them. Still, I wonder if it's even worth pursuing non-Asian women due to these feelings. It wouldn't be fair to them. What do you think?

Besides that, I wonder what is the root cause of all of this. Is there any kind of rationalization that I should partake, or should I just go with it? Should I even just go all out and move to Japan or somewhere like that?

Anyways, I'm just trying to make sense of this part of myself, and I wonder what it all means.

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it probably means that u like asian woman, i like all tipes of womans. but i must say where i live there arent many other races around coz its a small city, i got 1 korean friend and thats it, ive seen some gipsy girls that i really found attractive.

u dont have much to chose here there all latinas, so when some other tipe of woman comes to this place u iimmediately notice her and obcourse u find them attractive.

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