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Hi there,

I live with my very good friend. We have known each other for 5 years and lived together for 2 We have always got on very well and she informed me that she suffered from depression when we moved in together. She takes medication, and showed some mild symtoms of depression from time to time but I was aware of her situation always helped her through and eveything was fine untill about 5 months ago (same time as she started a new relationship) when she started to get quite bad. Something very small can trigger a huge reaction in her! I have witnessed her tearing her hair out slamming doors and screaming horrible things at me. I will give an example she has become extremely forgetfull and last week forgot to lock the front door when I discovered this I called her and said you forgot to lock the front door again. She went crazy screaming and shouting she went home from work in a state, said she was moving out because I am controlling her life - its like she really beleives that. She went home and stayed with her parents and then came home to tell me she had made the decision to move out.

She then arrived home the following day as if nothing had happened and was very hyper all weekend. She says very nasty things to me during these episodes and I can usually put it aside and help her through but it is getting harder - this time I have not been able too, her doctor recently upped her meds bur this is making her vomit allot so I really don't think she is getting it.

She thinks that this is all my fault and that I am using her condition against her whenever I suggest she get help.

Her boyfriend is now also experiencing these mood swings but not as bad as I am.

I am very worried about her as she was such a nice person and I now feel like I am living with a pubescent teenager. Whenever she has one of these episodes she goes to her parents but I do not think she is giving them the right impression of what is really happening.

She spends most Saturdays and Sundays in bed (she has a full time job monday to Friday) She also smokes allot of weed and takes ecstacy every Saturday night. I have explained that someone with her condition should not take drugs but she doesn't listen and her drug use is gettting worse.

I really don't know what to do I am not quailified to deal with this and am thinking of going to her parents as I suspect she isn't telling them what is really happening.

Any advice would be great



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