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Regrest of the dying


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well i got into my head a nice book ive red this summer, i dont know if the translation is right, the book "the top five regrets of the dying " by Bronnie Ware and Australian nurse that has gatter into this book some storys of ppls regrets before dying. really nice book totaly recomended, and i was thinking if i where to die in couple of days what would i regret of, something that i havent done or something that ive done.

So today i was thinking in this and i have somefriends i havent called in more than 10 years, just coz i didnt have time or i dont remember why i never called them back. So i plan to call them maybe to see how their doing, i know one of has 2 babys that i dont know.

I would like to visit my grandfather more, he died a couple of years ago and i barely whent 3 or 4 times a year to his house.

and i can think in more things but of the things that i can think of, most of them i can do.

so if someone whants to imagen what would their regrets be if u where to die in a couple of days feel free to do so :confused: i think its good to meditate a bit.

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Life is life and you cannot do everything in a lifetime. I had a dear friend who suddenly developed leukemia upon delivery of a little boy into this world. I took care of him a lot. So much in fact that by the time he could talk he was calling me momma. Before he was 2 she was so bad off that all of her time was spent in the hospital. I didn't go see her. Well, I did once. Once in 5 months she spent in and out of chemo. But I spoke to her frequently and she knew that I loved her and I loved her little boy. She died in the hospital shortly after the boy turned 2. She was only 36. Would I have gone to see her more if I had known that she was going to die? Maybe but do I regret it? No. Besides the fact that I know she wouldn't want me to, she loved me for me and having a thing about hospitals and seeing people (especially those I care about) in pain, is part of what makes me me.

Besides that, I think that regret takes from appreciation so I don't do it.:D

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