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Can't follow thru on things.. Tips/Advice Needed!!


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Last time I checked in here it was back in Agust!

I went to go see a therapist and we talked about maybe ADHD but nope! I don't have that.

Not being able to finish what I start or have the follow thru has made me not really "accomplish" much these last couple of years.

I dont "Stick" it out and .. I give up too easily.

I'm 25 and I have so much I want to accomplish but MOTIVATION AND FOLLOW THRU IS KILLING ME!

I don't know what to do or have any idea where to begin!

Losing weight, sticking with school, selling my Mary Kay :0/

ADVICE or suggestions are welcomed!!

Anyone knows a good book on motivation that I can read?

Any tips!?!?

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I know I gave you a couple of tips before but I have something new to say. Have you ever heard the saying "Well begun is half done"? Perhaps the trouble is with your approach. We are often self defeating in our approach to things. If you tell yourself that you are going to go through with something and that you are not allowed to stop until it is finished than you are setting yourself up to fail. Likewise if you refuse or delay starting something than you are setting yourself up for failure.

Example: Going on a diet- The phrase "I am on a diet" or "I am going on a diet" makes it sound like something you can get off of or fail at, which is self defeating. It is best to say "I am changing my diet." It is all about how you perceive your action. If you think of it (the action) as something definitive than you are more likely to feel trapped by it. If however, you can see each aspect of an action as an action in itself than you will take the pressure off of yourself to perform it ie. Rather than taking a class, go to a class or rather than doing the dishes, do a dish.

It is all about your mind set hon. I hope this further helps you.:D

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