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Not everyone has a sense of humor. I realize this. I also understand that imaginations are different. But I think we sometimes get so wrapped up in our troubles that we forget to laugh. We forget to look for funny. Sometimes the suggestion of funny can be hurtful even when we do not mean for it to be. My Mother-in-law (May she rest in peace), was always obsessing about $150 her best friend owed to her. She admitted that the money was not borrowed all at once but she still expected it back all at once. After hearing this complaint so many times I blurted out "Well why don't we take her out in the street and shoot her?" I really didn't mean anything by it. Just that the woman was her friend and she was friend enough that my M-I-L wanted to help her out with the money but not enough to forgive her the debt. I was trying to make light of the situation not the feelings. I made her mad. Anyway I still make crazy comments like that but the people I make them to know me well enough to know that I love them and I am just trying to ease a stressful moment.

Anyway my point is that it doesn't hurt to laugh and if you know someone means well then take it at that.

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