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I dont know how to go on


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I am left by my narcissistic ex husband and I am depressed and lonely at the same time, which makes it difficult for me to get out there and socialize. At same time I have no one to socialize with, no one to talk to. I am feeling so sad.

I dont know what to do. I dont want to take the medicines given to me because I got a vasovagal syncope last time and it sent me in emergency to the hospital. You can die from this and it scared me too much to ever take these kinds of meds again. I wanted to have "pure" anti depressants but the doc didnt want to give me that. So how am I gonna get out from the depression when the doc doesnt want to give me these meds? Anti depressants are what I have used before, still he doesnt want me have them.

Does anybody know about a friend maker site other than facebook and myspace? I dont want any dating site.

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Isn't this kind of a friend maker site with commonalities? You can e-mail me I have no problem exchanging e-mails if you want someone to conversate with.

I can totally relate though the last time I had a "psychotic episode" and I kept asking myself "why does this keep happening to me?" I wonderd how the heck do I find the strength to breath or even move out of bed? It's because I absolutly refuse to be held down! Just smile once today...at least:)


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