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And I'm the one that's medicated?


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If I had a dollar for every time I thought "and I am on medication?" when it comes to some (well most) of the people I work with I wouldn't need a 401 k. Can anyone relate to this?

I've never seen so many passive agressive people all in one place. That place is my job. It's like the 8th grade that's how twisted the place is I can't even compare it to high school it hasen't graduated to a high school yet. The people thier blow everything dumb thing that has nothing to do with work out of proportion and talk about selfishness....rarrrrrrrr! I'd rather go back to being delusional than act like some of those malicious passive agressive vindictive people I work with.


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I feel exactly the same way! There are two very aggressive, angry people at my work who really should be on meds, or at least in therapy. They behave so badly and so selfishly it beggars belief. And they call themselves adults! Unfortunately we're a very small outfit, (7 people in total, including the drivers) so it kinda spoils any camaraderie there could have been at work. Sigh.

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