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Feeling like my world as I know it has come crumbling down


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Hi all, sorry to post again so soon but I don't feel like a person anymore. I have returned from seeing my counsellor re my anxiety and depression and it looks like I have been referred to see someone more specialist as it were with reference to my OCD and anxiety etc. Also she recommended I see a psycho sexual therapist which I think is needed as well. I came home crying my eyes out and feel like everything is happening around me and I feel numb. I am so on edge and have so many intrusive thoughts coming my way (thought action fusion) that I don't know what is real and what isn't. As mentioned in a previous post I am in the beginnings of a relationship with a lovely girl and yet already I am having so many thoughts which could ruin it. For example I text back a girl today who I had had a liason with before in the past and despite the reply being a response to a banterful text from her, taking the mick out of a sport I love, part of my head text back and thought about a liason etc, yet all it was, was a thought, and part of me now thinks that I have already "cheated" on this new girl and part of me thinks because its more than likely an intrusive thought that it doesnt really matter and I should put it to the back of my mind. I really feel awful right now and nothing seems to make sense to me anymore.

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I know it won't help long term but a quick calm down exercise I learned in DBT that I still use is a kind of breathing exercise. If you have the ability sit down. Next, close your eyes(or keep them open if it's a problem) and place your hands flat on your legs with feet flat on the ground. Now start breathing in and out slowly. Sometimes it helps to visualize counting to ten and with each breath in an inflatable number gets bigger. Do something with your number(does it get so full it bursts or fall over and roll away. Have fun with it!) The key point is to "Just notice". Let your thoughts float by and only notice them(like clouds drifting by), using no judgement. Sometimes I whisper it out loud. I have found it helpful when I start to get really anxious or am on the brink of a panic attack.

I've been having my own problems with reality distortion and the impatience to get it all "fixed". What has helped me is having a friend I can trust. Just one person who will listen to the vomit of absurd delusions and worries I have and then bring me back down. They can tell me what isn't reasonable and help me get back in touch with reality.

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