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Went to the doc today.....


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Had blood my blood drawn. Now it's a waiting game. They are thinking either I am pregnant :eek: or there is something wrong with my thyroid. I should know something by Tuesday at the latest. I'm very restless. A regular pregnancy test shows negative but I've been having some of the symptoms, then again, I've gained 13 lbs in less than two months, my hair has been coming out for months, and I've been extremely fatigued, which makes me think it could be my thyroid. It also doesn't help that my mother has a thyroid problem.

I can't help but worry. I've had so much going on in my life: Dad being in the hospital three weeks, he had surgery, and is going through a lot of appointments right now. My mother is being evil to me (nothing new but worse than normal). It's stressful. Will post more later.....

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Hi Jenna. I'm so sorry you are having such a rough time right now. When will you get the results of your test? It can be very stressful waiting for the results of a test I know. Hopefully once you have them you can begin to treat whatever it is that is causing all your symptoms.

I'm sorry to hear about your father and hope he has a swift recovery from the surgery. Take care.

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Thank you, E. Nice to hear from you. Yes, it is very nerve racking waiting for test results. :) The only thing keeping me calm is God. Through prayer I've gained peace. If I'm pregnant, then ofcourse I'll be thrilled. If it's my thyroid, then it would explain the fatigue, the inability to lose weight lately, and my hair coming out. Or maybe it's all just stress.:confused: The office told me to call on Monday to see if they could look up the results on the computer, but the latest they would have them would be on Tuesday.

Dad is on the mend, hopefully, though it is definitely going to take a while to recover. They want to wait atleast 90 days before they put the defibillator in. I think he will feel much better then. Just have to make sure his body gets rid of this infection before they place a foreign object in his heart, because if he had an infection, it would go straight to his heart. The last round of doctors he had were excellent- wonderful people, but then again, God is the greatest physcian. I'm in good spirits about everything at the moment.

As for my mother, she's still my mother no matter how mean or disrespectful she may be. But right now, I must be respectful, cordial, and let her words go unheard to keep from adding stress to my dad. His health is much more important than worrying about getting my feelings hurt.

Thank you for the reply. Your support helps tremendously. God Bless.

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