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Read this first, please


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Welcome all!

Just a note to say that we need everyone to abide by the Community Rules which are posted inside the FAQ section. These rules are an attempt to balance the needs people have for self-expression with the needs the community has for an atmosphere of safety and comfortableness.

Please take some time now to read the rules over and familiarize yourselves with them so that we can keep this place feeling safe for all.

The biggest things with regard to self-injury posts is to make sure to

1) only post about self-injury in this self-injury forum

2) label the titles of any posts which discuss self-injury in anything approaching graphic language with some warning tag, e.g., [TRIGGER!] or [sI] or something like that.

3) don't be too graphic in your descriptions (no glorification)

This enables people who don't want to or can't deal with this topic to avoid it.


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