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Introducing myself

Matthew Hutton

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Hello to everyone here at MentalHelp.net!

My name is Matthew Hutton, and I am a volunteer for the patient advocacy group B4U-ACT which works to improve the availability of compassionate mental health services to those that self identify as being attracted to minors. Some of you may have already heard of us, as I know there are some people here that share such attractions. I myself am a law abiding minor attracted person (MAP) that likes pre-adolescent girls. I've always handled this fairly well my whole life, and hope to help others through my work with B4U-ACT.

Mainly I have decided to post here to spread the word about one of our online support groups that I moderate. It's called "Family and Friends of MAPs" and it caters specifically to the needs of loved ones of MAPs, in order to offer each other support and understanding. You can read the official description of it here: http://b4uact.org/ffsupport.htm

So if any minor attracted people here have loved ones that you feel may benefit from such an online support group, you can tell them to e-mail mhutton@b4uact.org to join. The group is only for family and friends, and not MAPs themselves, aside from myself as moderator.

I hope this support group can be of help and feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

Matthew Hutton, B4U-ACT, Inc.

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