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Hi everyone,

I’ve just found this great site (thesubtlebulge.co.uk)

If you’ve got any sort of penis anxiety this should help. It helped me no end and still is. My confidence is sky high now.

Anyway guys it’s up to you I just found it useful, made all my anxieties about my penis disappear.

And it’s a UK site so it’s in pounds, so a good time to get a bargain! If you want to give yourself a Christmas present that will ensure you enjoy the festive period, this is it!

Good luck

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This post is spammy but I will allow it (for now at least - we will see how others in the community react) as I do think that this issue of penis size anxiety is a very real and difficult concern. I edited the link so that it was not live. I do hope we can move some of the small penis anxiety discussion from the main site over to here where the software is more able to facilitate discussion.

Personally, I think that putting something into your pants to make your penis look bigger than you are makes as much sense as combing your hair over when you are balding (which I am and which I do not), or stuffing your bra with tissue paper or wearing a padded bra to make your breasts look bigger, but, to each their own.


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I might be more inclined to trust this if this had not been one of the first posts you made here. It *feels* as if you fouund this forum and wanted to advertise this site, for whatever reason. If you had posted lots of other things here before posting this it might make me feel more comfortable. But it is just my personal opinion.

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