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I recently watched a movie and while (to my twisted sense of humor) it was very funny, it also stirred some musings regarding the way we interpret the World around us. The movie was a dark comedy and it grossly exadurated a very common communications stigma. If a person who we perceive as "different" approaches us we automatically become a little apprehensive. Then if that person is shy, awkward, or otherwise inept at verbal communication, our tension rises. Then, if you put an object in that persons hand that could be construed as a weapon, it is likely to evoke a fight or flight response.

We all have a need to feel reasonably safe. And we should all do what we can to keep ourselves safe. However, I think it is also neccessary to keep in mind that we are more different on the outside than we are on the inside and just because someone comes across as wierd or creepy or they remind us of someone who has hurt us in the past does not mean that they are going to hurt us. They could simply be someone else who has a hard time fitting in.

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