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Being without a label

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If there were no word for woman would I still be one or would there just be a substitute word? And if the word were simply unknown to me would I behave any differently than a woman? Would I obsess over the want of a label or delight in the eventual discovery?

I have always had several labels for my religion, Christian, Buddhist, Wiccan, Native American (Apache), but what exactly do those labels do to help me or others to identify with me? I have read 1 book by L. Ron Hubbard, a sci-fi and not the greatest so when there seemed to be a spike in interest to dianetics and then scientology I thought of it as a passing cult craze. A quack religion at best. But today I read a pretty extensive description of the practice (I don't know that I would call it a religion) and found that this is precisely how I have lived my life for many years (well more than a decade).

It is interesting that a subject I had no intention to ever investigate because of ignorance of the subject and pressumption over the practices of that subject would turn out to be of interest to me after all as they were my own practices all along.

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i guess u would be what ever ur language label it. about religion or life almost everything is already invented so u living a life style that other has already label or lived is mostly comon i think, the difference probably is that u already have the advantaje of reading about it and u can decide if it suits u or not.

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