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Think my father is becoming psychotic.

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My father is in his late 40s quite a intelligent man who is highly educated. But as of late the last few months he's starting to worry me...he starts getting strange paranoid delusions..one is the police are taping his phone and have placed bugs in his car. He sleeps with a shotgun because he thinks people are going to come into his house and shoot him. Then he starts talking about how he can " tap into a Devine force" and his latest one he thinks he can read the dogs thoughts..I don't know what's going on with him. He thinks he has psychic abilities which he starts talking about nearly on a daily basis. He might be having a mid life crisis I'm not sure but he gets aggressive and paranoid. He even starts placing things I front of his windows thinking the neighbors are listening and spying on him. He's never had any serious mental health problems and always been a logical down to earth guy not religious or anything. I have my own mental health problems due to my mother having bi poler disorder. What does this sound like to you guys

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Its a gong show, I'm sorry about your situation. I've had a similar circumstance, and it's scary. My only advice is to get an appointment with the best psychiatrist you can-prefferably in a hospital setting, so they can perform more tests or observation right away, right on site.

We finally got a diagnosis after a month long 'involuntary' stay at the hospital.

but the sooner you find out, the better.

But get a thorough evaluation, hopefully a useful diagnosis, and start treatment right away...no time to waste. Good Luck

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