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Yesterday *Triggering*

Mr. Encyclopedia

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Yesterday did not end well for me. I was taken to the hospital by the police and the emergency room doctor stitched my right arm back together after an episode of self-harming. The doctor also prescribed me antibiotics to fight infection.

The police officer did tell me that he thought I was the smartest person he’s ever met, which made me feel better.

Something that has been frustrating me is that I feel like nobody understands me. Whenever I talk to someone about what is bothering me it is like I am talking a foreign language to them; it makes me feel disconnected and alone.

Furthermore it is frustrating because I have almost no one in my life that helps me. I don’t have friends and family to talk to. All I have is a therapist I see every few weeks and an email pen pal in the United States. Nobody is ever there for me when I need it because there is nobody or they’re unable to be there.

Just wanted to express this to someone.

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