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I have an impeccable sense of self. I love me! I love being me! My life is not always great but life is great! There is no sensation that compares with being alive because there is only the sensation of being alive. There is no one on Earth that compares to me because no one else IS me. Sometimes it hurts to be me and I like to pretend I am someone else but I am still me, just pretending to be someone else. At the end of the day, when I close my eyes, I can see me, I feel me, I know only me. I can interact with you, relate to what you convey, but I am still, very much, me. Our "self" is a very personal and private matter. The fact that we choose (or believe we choose) to share, even the smallest part of that, in any way (true to us or not), is so uniquely human that its beauty is beyond words.

Even our ugly is beautiful:)

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I posted this in spirituality but it is (I think) well worth posting on the other forums. I am staring on this one.

If you knew, with any certainty, that you were put here to be someone's angel, would you suffer the same personality issues? Would you worry as much? Would you ever be mean for fear that you wind up being unkind to the very person you are supposed to help?

If you knew, with any certainty, that the jerk that lives down the road (or at the grocer or in your group/class), would one day save your life or the life of someone you love, would you scoff at him? Would you wish him ill? Would you play pranks on him?

Do you know, with any certainty, that these are not the case?

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I know it's kinda sappy and sickening but if you can get through it it might inspire you somehow :D

I love me. And I love my life. I do not love every minute of every day but I love the lessons I learn from the minutes I do not love. I love that I am here and have been blessed to experience all the things in my life. I love my children and the lessons and laughter they have brought me. I love that I can be myself or pretend to be someone else and still be the me that is so loved by others. I love that I am almost forty for I am awesome and forty must be an awesome age. I love easy people. They help center my soul and keep me mellow. I love difficult people. They make me to know how very lucky I am to be easy and mellow. I love hard work. It makes you feel good, gives you an excuse for a bath and frees your mind to do other things (like contemplate the cosmos). I love lazy days. Everyone needs a breather. I love to dance. I love to sing. I love music. I love the music of my own soul.. I love to talk. I love to listen. I love that I am so smart. I love that I am so stupid. I love that I can think of myself as my first child. I love that I didn't know that until you were born. I love all of the things that I never thought I could do but did. I love missing all the things I thought I would do but didn't. I love that I procrastinate. I love that I am indecisive. I love that I can't do more. I love that I can. I love the Sun and the Moon and the rain and the snow. I love the Bible. It is an awesome history and psychology book. It helps put your life in perspective. I love reading about the tribulations of others (particularly, Ghandi, Buddha, and Helen Keller). I love knowing what others have overcome. I love that I am so lucky. I love God and Country.

I had no tangible gift for his 22nd birthday and this is what I gave him it may not be much but at least he can keep it forever.

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