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Does anyone else out there experience brain freeze in that you can't function because your brain is in a fog? I am having one of those days. I can't think straight and even writing this thread is very difficult for me. I wrote in my blog about this today. That will explain better how I am feeling. I can't get my brain to focus enough to write everything again so go to stigmabegone.blogspot.ca (April 1st post) for a better explanation of what I am trying to say.

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I couldn't access your blog but I get that too. I can't focus on more than one thing at once, and even focusing on one thing is difficult. I can't remember things, I can't find the word I'm trying to say, and communication is just too much trouble along with everything else.

It feels like my brain is broken. Most of the time, I have a sense of the problem not being "me," but my brain rather. It just doesn't fire right. There is little emotion involved anymore, not like when I was younger. It's like I have the problem narrowed down, have eliminated all other possibilities. Yup, my brain is the problem. :-))

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