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This way or that

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There a million ways to make a point there are so many words in so many languages and so many ways to compile the words to express thought and emotion.

I have used a lot of words in this community and I am sure I will find other ways to express the same ideas this is just another way to say "ME"

If you knew with any certainty that you were put here to be someone's angel would you feel the same? I mean would you experience your self doubt in the same way, depression, anger/impulse control issues?

If you knew with any certainty that the "mean man" down the street was put here to one day save your life or the life of someone you care deeply for would you still throw rocks at his house? I mean would you still think mean thoughts about him, wish him ill, play pranks on him?

Now think about this...Do you know with any certainty that either of these are not the case?

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