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help with homework please!!!


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hey there, any help on this topic would be really appreciated. i am trying to find a few words (preferably the technical term) to describe a person who has a personality that can best be described as follows: this person will project them self in a way that makes others feel almost obligated to help this person. this person also exerts a personality to other people that is extremely likable and the type of person that you want in your own life. also, this person tends to attract people with the purpose of getting them just close enough to care about him and then this person leaves. NOTE: this is where the personality takes a turn that i cant describe. this person does not leave because of a fear of attachment or closeness with someone. this person leaves because he seems to derive a type of pleasure from the knowledge that the people he has made care about him will be sad because this person has taken himself out of their lives. also this person seems to find a similar pleasure in knowing that the people he has made care about him wont be able to help him and because they cant help this person, they are then saddened and this person gains pleasure (not sexual) from this knowledge.

again any help is of great help to me.

thanks alot

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Schadenfreude is a German word meaning "damage" and "joy". It is a documented reaction to misery in which people derive pleasure from other people's pain. I am aware of a few cases in which Schadenfreude has been found on an MRI. One could argue all forms of humor are derivatives of Schadenfreude (I was told as a child that humor is nothing but something happening that is so bad, that your first reaction to laugh).

In extreme cases, people will create an environment in which they can feel this pleasure. Considering that Schadenfreude is a dopamine reaction, people become addicted to this feeling. Those who become addicted suffer from Sadistic Personality Disorder. I would assume that emotional pain, not only physical pain, could create this disorder.

Hope I've Been of help.

- Anonymous.

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