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Am I bipolar?


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I've been Diagnosed with ADD and Depression. I am currently on meds for both ,and a anti-anxiety med on the side, due to a side effect of the ADD meds. I've just noticed that my life has kinda been like a roller coaster. Where occasionally I would go thorugh times where I don't care if I die that day, I'm just happy. this would be caused by a outside trigger, Like something that just made my week, But what would make my week would just be spending sometimes with a person I see as my father figure. However, most of the time I just lack any feeling of joy and become decently depressed (not self harming though). The depression is enough to keep me up some nights though, and i'll be very sensitive to any bad thing that could happen to me and any good thing would just be brushed off and I wouldn't really feel anything. I would sometimes make my self laugh in the mirror by my facial expressions and crude imitations of foreign accents as I talk to my self about my day.

My question Is, Could this just be me going through a tough time in life, A need to increase my Depression meds, or Do you think that I could be bipolar.

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hello im going to copy and paste something ive answered in another post: i do know that u have more or less chance of being bipolar if one of ur parents is bipolar "genitcs". also i think its common that bipolars appeal to alcohol or druggs, got depresions and at least 1 mania episode(if not would probably be depression, unipolar, dont know what else, etc), the need to do stuff lots of energy and activitys. these are some facts i think.

i guess u go to a therapist if u already being diagnosed, so i thinkg u must talk with this person and if u just started going give it sometime, and if ur not getting attention i recomend u do.

here i leave the link to other similar post i belive maybe u can get something useful, but at the end u need a professionals opinion, diagnosis, etc.


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eppursimuove, when I clicked on your link it just took me to the list of topics. X-isle, I didn't see any suggestion in what you said that you've had a manic episode. If you Google "bipolar symptoms" you should get at least one list of symptoms which you can compare with what you are experiencing. But only a psychiatrist who has examined you can make a diagnosis.

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