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Hello everyone,

I was hoping someone here may have the same issue on both sexes or just some insight as what is the matter with me. I'm 23 years old, and noticed a pattern last night. As far as i can tell i am pretty much straight (aside from the occasional fetish), attracted to women and want to have sex with women, but i noticed lately that i have a serious aversion towards vaginas. I enjoy the female body, i love the curves, breasts, but not vaginas. I enjoy kissing - making out, but vaginal sex is awkward to me, i learned how to do it and all, but i don't like it, it feels less pleasant than when i take over things manually, and even oral doesn't quite feel good, also the worst of it if i see a girl's vagina once - i don't want to see it again. Example is lately i met a girl an we got closer and last night we had sex for the first time and during the ordeal - i saw her vagina and got really disgusted - and now, despite her being a really cool girl, with tons of things in common, she's really great - but now after that i don't want to see her or talk to her anymore.

I noticed this is something that happens to me all the time... After which i just become friends with some of the girls i had sex with, not to mention i have a tendency to sleep at least once with just about all of my female friends.

Any thoughts? Insight? I am just really confused, how will i ever have a meaningful relationship with this? Am i just superficial or something? Or am i gay? Coz i did have some gay experiences in the past and i didn't feel this strongly about penises as i do about vaginas, with men i just lacked the emotional component and the attraction beyond the sex part...Any ideas? Please?

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