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Hi everyone,

I am looking for some advice. It may be nothing and merely part of my OCD/ROCD but I am feeling pretty low at the moment. You may have seen my other post, re trying to avoid brushing past other women etc and feeling bad for looking at other women but things have again taking a turn for the worse. A few days ago I met a colleague at work for the first time, she is an older lady but an attractive one and we were chatting in a jovial manner and my mind started wondering to imagine things in the bedroom department etc despite the fact I have a girlfriend. We continued chatting and having a laugh etc and I my head started playing tricks on me. I smiled at her after a joke in what felt like a flirty way to see if she smiled back. It was almost as if I got swept up in the moment etc and all clarity went out of the window. Now I must stress nothing happened, but the urge/compulsion to tell my girlfriend about this is pretty strong. It feels like I have cheated etc, what are peoples thoughts.

P.S I really think that I am in need of constant reassurance that I am attractive to women, in the outside I guess it is confidence, and on the other it is having pretty low self esteem.

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