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I'm sure I'm not the only one who get's these odd, or different and unique questions that seem to appear in our mind during a heightened sense of consciousness sober or under the influence . I'm sober these days and well it seems that I get them when I'm laying down in bed just getting ready to fall asleep or sometimes in a 50-50 awake asleep situation . I was wondering what some of your creative questions concerning life or the universe ran through your mind. Here are just some of mine unique or not I don't know but what the heck.

1. Is there anything slower than not moving.

2. I wonder if light is really traveling or is actually just always their along with darkness . Darkness and light just canceling each other out when one or the other is dominant.

3. A baby grows inside a mother womb then birth happens and we are free on this planet which is another womb until we pass onto another birth to just keep evolving and growing until ?

4. What is the universal measurement for size ? Is the universe big and the atom small , or is the atom medium the universe gigantic . What do physics professors use as the measuring gauge to measure size against ?

5. Looking at all the tree's and life it seems like everything living is just growing up and reaching towards the sky's including humans. The brain is moving away from the ground evolving upwards and away from the earth . Where does it think it's going ?

These are just some of my strange waco or whatever you want to call it things I ponder on . Any thoughts would be cool including some of your own thoughts .

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