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I have had ocd since I was 10 and am getting sick of it since I am now 23 and have the determination to stop just have douts about it and if I change things even just a litttle, I feel like I have done something wrong. I have experienced all parts like loss of control or depression when I was 12/13 and it takeing over my life (9hrs a day) when I was 18. I have struggled and struggled and used to love my problems but now hate them. It keeps me from makeing friends snd other relashionships (like a boyfriend since I have never had one) I have been talked about behind my back in school since I had to do my rituals when I was there. Now I am just sick of fighting and need halp and support to move to the next steps. Also I need friends since because of ocd I have never really had any. Please help.

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need more information
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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Jkcshelp,

Welcome to our community.

My heavens, it may feel like you have lived with your problem a long time and I understand that but you are very young. By the way, your youth is in your favor in terms of getting rid of your OCD.

You really should see a psychologist who specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and you will learn how to gain control of and reduce or eliminate your symptoms.

Is it possible for you to see a psychologist?

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Hello and welcome to the forums! You are at the right place for support. Make yourself comfortable. Dr. Schwartz is so right in that you are still very young. You could be my age! :eek: Seriously though, you are welcome here. I hope you find the support you need, both here and in real life.

Post away, we are listening. :)

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Guest ASchwartz

I totally agree with Wintersky. Listen to her, she knows what she is talking about. Yes, welcome aboard, we are here for you.

By the way, Wintersky is not that old,...I AM:D

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