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Merck Manual/s

Jessica A Bruno

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I've only had experience with the manual designed for healthcare professionals. It's fairly reliable for the most part but, you have to keep up with the changes which unfortunately happen more often than the manual can be published.

I'm guessing the home version would be similar. Basically, it's worth the purchase if you need information immediately however, 6 or more months pass the publish date, you may need to verify subjects to confirm info is still valid.

I should note, the manual information, at least for healthcare professionals are not a do all, end all approach. Healthcare, diagnoses, and treatment are based on individual situations. You should always discuss with your dr any meds, treatments, symptoms, ect.... No one should self diagnosis and/or self treat.

Of course, knowledge is power. We should all self educate. Just keep it in perspective, discuss your findings with a skilled physician.

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